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Resilience Circles

Time and Space to Connect, Recharge and Build Resilience.

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Help for those who are helping others.

Resilience Circles are a way for those who work for health care systems and community-based organizations to virtually connect and build resiliency during challenging times.

About Resilience Circles

We believe exceptional times call for deliberate and intentional connection. Our Resilience Circles offer a safe space for health care and community workers to connect and recharge so they can stay well and build resiliency as they continue to show up and serve our patients and community. During a crisis such as COVID-19, the health and well-being of those caring for others becomes even more critically important.

The Center for Health Resilience, in partnership with the MetroHealth Institute for H.O.P.E.™, has developed a framework based on vulnerability, courage and connection. Facilitated by a trained resilience coach, Resilience Circles are created when up to 15 individuals come together to share, discuss, and support each other. 

What To Expect

Resilience Circles take place on a secure Zoom call with audio, and video depending on the preference of participants. The Resilience Circle can last anywhere from 20-60 minutes, during this time a trained resilience coach will facilitate conversation and opportunities for each person to share.

The conversation lives in a “container” to ensure that participants feel safe and understand that the conversation is sealed within the experience of the Resilience Circle and is not shared or distributed beyond the experience. What participants take away from the experience is a renewed sense of resilience and support to move forward.

Resilience Circles are a:

  • Dedicated time to practice pausing and focus on being rather than doing
  • Time to honor yourself and your own self care
  • Safe, judgement-free opportunity to share feelings and experiences in a brave and confidential way
  • Source of support from a community based on shared and similar experiences

Joining A Resilience Circle

Resilience Circles are no longer being scheduled online.

Please email [email protected] with any questions or requests. Thank you. 


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