Assets, Insurance, Real Estate

Contributions of immediate assets are the most direct way to make a charitable gift. These gifts can be transferred now to The MetroHealth Foundation, or they can be given over time in the form of a pledge commitment.


Low-basis/appreciated stock, bonds, mutual funds

Converting an appreciated asset into a charitable gift. Offers you a simple way to use securities for a charitable purpose, receive a deduction for fair market value, and avoid capital gains tax. Direct your broker to transfer securities using the appropriate account provided by MHF.


Donor-advised fund

Use your established donor-advised fund to support causes that mean the most to you. Ask your fund manager to arrange a distribution to The MetroHealth Foundation and notify us of your generosity.


IRA Rollover

For donors age 70.5 and up. When you instruct your IRA custodian to transfer funds (up to $100,000) from your IRA to MetroHealth, you avoid taxation on required minimum IRA distribution, and obtain an Ohio charitable income tax deduction at the same time.


Tangible Personal Property

Share your enjoyment of a collection or other personal item, such as art or jewelry, by donating it to The MetroHealth Foundation. If MetroHealth can use the property for its exempt purpose (e.g., artwork for display in hospital), your deduction is equal to the fair market value; if the use is unrelated or if The MetroHealth Foundation plans to sell the property, your deduction is equal to your basis in the property.


Real Estate

Donating property to MetroHealth, or selling it to us at a bargain price, provides you with an immediate tax deduction and allows you to lessen or completely avoid capital gains tax.


Life Insurance Policy (fully paid)

Make a large gift with little cost to you by changing ownership of a life insurance policy to MetroHealth. You will use an unneeded life insurance policy for a charitable purpose, thereby qualifying for an income tax charitable deduction based on the present value of the policy.


Life Insurance Policy (new)

Increase the power of your annual gifts to have a significant impact in the future by purchasing a new life insurance policy and transfering ownership to The MetroHealth Foundation. Your pledge made to The MetroHealth Foundation (typically paid over five years) will cover the cost of the premiums.


Business and/or Partnership Interests

If you own an interest in a privately held LLC or limited partnership and are considering selling in the near future, you can donate a portion of your interests to The MetroHealth Foundation ahead of this liquidity event. You may receive a tax-deductible deduction for the business interests donated and avoid capital gain on the ultimate sale of those donated interests.


If you are interested in donating assets, contact Lynn Iams to learn more: [email protected], 216-389-8623