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Chemotherapy and Radiation

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy could be part of your cancer treatment plan. You might need just one form of treatment, or you might need both. These complementary therapies could attack your cancer from different angles, and that could help you fight back effectively.

At MetroHealth, we're committed to treating your cancer with expertise and innovation.

To make an appointment with a cancer specialist at MetroHealth, call 216-77-TREAT (216-778-7328).

We can provide you with the therapies you need—and we can manage complex treatment programs in one place, so nothing is missed. Through it all, you'll get the personalized care MetroHealth is known for. We truly are your cancer treatment partners.

Chemotherapy at MetroHealth

Chemotherapy, or chemo, involves the use of medications to treat cancer. Chemo drugs kill cancer cells in your tumor as well as cancer cells that have spread to other parts of your body.

There are several different chemotherapy drugs available, and there are all sorts of different methods your oncologist can use to deliver chemo. At MetroHealth we have all of the latest chemo options available, so you will get just the right kind of help.

Often, chemo is delivered intravenously, meaning that the drug is delivered into your vein. Many people receive chemo in this way in our offices every two to three weeks. Because chemotherapy infusion may take several hours, we make comfort a priority. You can receive your treatments in a quiet room alone while watching TV, reading or looking outside into our healing garden. Or you can spend time with others who are getting their treatments. We'll even provide you with snacks.

Some types of cancer—including colon cancer—require portable intravenous chemotherapy. At MetroHealth we provide small machines or "pumps" that look like an iPhone. You can wear that at your waist and have the treatment delivered to you in the comfort of your home. These treatments last for a few days. We'll set up the pump for you, and you can just wear it as you go about your day. You'll come back to us from time to time so that we can make sure it's working properly.

Other types of cancer—including some types of lung cancer and breast cancer—respond to oral chemotherapy. These pills are sent right to your house from our pharmacy, so you can take them at home.

When you come to MetroHealth for care, your oncologist will discuss your chemo drug options with you, along with the right delivery method for you.

We have other tools we can use in the fight against cancer. For example, we check tumors for genetic aberrations that may be targeted by pills that are not chemotherapy but will very efficiently control your cancer with minimal side effects. Because they are "targeted therapies," only the cancer cells are affected, for the most part, which can enhance your quality of life.

We can also treat several types of cancers with immunotherapy techniques. Immunotherapy consists of medications that target your immune system and make it more successful in the fight against cancer cells. These medications can be very well tolerated.

Radiation Therapy at MetroHealth

Radiation therapy involves the use of high-energy waves that damage or destroy cancer cells. Unlike chemotherapy, which delivers drugs throughout your body, radiation therapy targets your tumor.

When you come to MetroHealth for radiation therapy, we'll start by performing a scan to accurately locate the tumor, so we can focus radiation beams precisely. During treatment, you'll lie down while we aim radiation beams at your tumor. The process takes only about 2 minutes, and then you're ready to go home.

Most people receive radiation therapy several days a week, for anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. Depending on your treatment, you may get radiation and chemotherapy together, or you may get radiation after chemotherapy. If you get radiation and chemotherapy together, it may be more convenient for you to receive your radiation on the same day as your chemo.

Unmatched Cancer Treatment in Cleveland

Our experienced oncologists and certified oncology nurses aren't just experts in cancer. Most are subspecialists in specific types of cancer. This means they're the experts and national leaders of the treatment of that type of cancer. They also know the side effects to watch for, and how best to meet your individual needs throughout treatment.

For chemotherapy, we rely on Beacon, a computer program designed to deliver treatment with targeted precision. Chemotherapy doses depend on a patient's size and organ functions (kidney, liver and bone marrow), and delivering the right amount of medication can help minimize things like a drop in blood count. Beacon automatically accounts for changes in your body weight when your chemo is administered, so you're less prone to potential side effects. The Beacon system can also deliver pre-treatment medications that prevent side effects, such as nausea and allergic reactions. Beacon is developed and monitored by a group of pharmacists who are dedicated to cancer treatments and who are experts in their field.

At MetroHealth, we deliver individualized care that's focused on you. Our doctors, nurses and medical staff spend time getting to know you so that they can answer your questions and address your concerns. Rest assured that with us, you'll always feel like a person—never like a number.

 To make an appointment with a cancer specialist at MetroHealth, call 216-77-TREAT (216-778-7328).


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