Patient Centered Care

Our Mission: To partner with patients, families and caregivers to create and model a culture of service excellence, and to foster patient engagement through expertise, resources, and innovation, and leadership.

Our Vision: To empower all employees to become innovative leaders in delivering an exceptional and unique MetroHealth experience across all points of care within the system and in community.

Contact us at 216-778-2971 for more information.

Our Patient Experience team provides advisory support for initiatives across MetroHealth. We provide data collection and analytics, support, and communicate sustainable best practices, and collaborate with departments throughout MetroHealth to ensure the delivery of patient-centered care.

Our Patient-Centered Care team supports our overall goal of engaging the active involvement of patients and their families in developing new models of care.

Measuring Improvements

Our team collects and analyzes patient feedback to help us understand how our patients feel about their experiences at MetroHealth. And we continually look for ways to improve the patient experience.

We participate in a patient survey called the HCAHPS survey (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), which measures patients' perspectives of their care while they were hospitalized at MetroHealth. We also survey patients of our outpatient clinics.

The results of these surveys tell us how patients feel about their communications with doctors and nurses, how the hospital staff responded to their needs, how their pain was managed, and how clean and how quiet the hospital was.

When we review our survey results, we also see how we compare to hospitals across the country.

We share our survey results with all the MetroHealth managers. We work with MetroHealth leadership to help them prioritize efforts to improving the patient experience.

Eligible adult patients are surveyed after hospital discharge or after outpatient visits. Public results are available online, and updated every quarter.