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Campus Transformation Timeline




✔ MetroHealth announces Campus Transformation



✔ Demolition of former Northcoast Behavioral Center building
✔ Construction begins on Critical Care Pavilion



✔ Critical Care Pavilion expansion opens on time and under budget



  ✔ MetroHealth completes sale of $946 million in hospital revenue bonds to fund Campus Transformation
✔ Construction begins on new 1,500-space parking garage (site of former Northcoast Behavioral building)



✔ Site plan for new campus complete
✔ Design of new hospital unveiled
✔ Construction of employee parking garage complete
✔ Demolition of Southpoint parking garage


✔ Construction of new hospital begins
✔ Excavation complete
✔ First structural steel installed

  2020   ✔ Construction of concrete elevator shafts and stairwells complete
✔ Foundation complete
✔ Steel structure complete
✔ Installation of exterior skin begins

  2021   -  Transition, activation and move planning begins (January 2021)
Exterior skin complete (April 2021)
Central Utility Plant complete (Spring 2021)
New hospital's IT infrastructure installed (Fall 2021)

  2022    -  The MetroHealth Glick Center construction complete (Spring 2022)
First patients (Fall 2022)
Preparation begins on demolition of old hospital (Fall 2022)  


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