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Ashwini Sehgal, MD

Ashwini Sehgal, MDTITLE

Duncan Neuhauser Professor of Community Health Improvement
Co-Director, Center for Reducing Health Disparities 
Director of Research and Evaluation, Institute for H.O.P.E.™
Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, The MetroHealth System
Associate Editor, Annals of Internal Medicine


Dr. Ashwini Sehgal is the Duncan Neuhauser Professor of Community Health Improvement and Co-Director of the Center for Reducing Health Disparities at Case Western Reserve University.  He is also a nephrologist and Director of Research and Evaluation of the Institute for Health Opportunity, Partnership, and Empowerment at the MetroHealth System. His research interests include climate change, health disparities, community-based research, quality of care, and kidney failure.


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Editorial Board, Journal of Climate Change and Health
Board of Directors, Policy Matters Ohio


  • Climate change
  • Health disparities
  • Public health
  • Community based research
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to quality of care
  • Access to kidney transplantation
  • Nutrition in renal failure
  • Adequacy of hemodialysis


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