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Physical Therapy and Other Rehabilitation Services

Outpatient Care

Our highly skilled therapists develop personalized treatment plans to best meet each person’s needs.

To schedule an appointment, call 216-778-4414.

Outpatient rehabilitation services are conveniently located throughout the community. Therapy treatments are available for, but not limited to:

Inpatient Care 

Intensive inpatient rehabilitation services help adults and children (13 years and older) through the first stages of recovery after a serious illness or accident. The MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio provides a caring team of physicians, nurses, therapists and other experts to help you get back into your home and community.

For more information about our inpatient rehabilitation services, please call 216-778-3776.

Physician referrals are required. Please see Inpatient Referrals for details.

Led by a highly trained physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, your team may include:

  • A physical therapist who will focus on regaining your mobility
  • An occupational therapist to help you with self-care
  • A speech pathologist to help you with cognition, memory, speech and swallowing
  • A social worker who helps you return to your community
  • A rehabilitation psychologist to assist you with emotional issues
  • A case manager who can help with insurance issues and ordering special equipment

Other team members include specially trained art, music and recreational therapists. We also teach your family members how to care for you when you’re ready to leave inpatient rehab.

About Our Services

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

  • Northeast Ohio's recognized leader in high-quality rehabilitation for mild to severe brain injury.
  • Members of our Brain Center team have trained at the top institutions in the country, and we are the leading referral center for traumatic brain injury.
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians are subspecialty certified in brain injury medicine.
  • Specially designed unit includes therapies to minimize distractions and rooms that are adapted to safely manage cognitive and behavioral challenges.

Orthopedic/Trauma Rehabilitation

  • Orthopedic/trauma rehabilitation team is an integral partner of Cleveland's only Level I Adult Trauma Center.
  • Patients are mobilized as quickly as possible for a return home, with home adaptation and appropriate assistive devices.
  • Units are specially equipped to help those with orthopedic or trauma injuries recover.

Spinal Cord Injury

  • The Spine Center team treats a wide-range of spinal disorders and injuries. 
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians who are certified in the subspecialty of spinal cord medicine provide expert spinal cord injury rehabilitation.
  • Capabilities include on-site ventilator weaning and tracheostomy management with specially equipped rooms. These tools can help you learn to breathe easier, despite the damage your spinal cord may have sustained. 
  • Comprehensive spasticity management to help you regain control of your muscles.
  • Research participant in implanted neuroprostheses for hand, lung and lower-limb function. We seek out studies that might be right for you, and use what we've learned in other studies to inform your care.

Stroke Rehabilitation

  • The MetroHealth System is recognized as a Comprehensive Stroke Center.
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians are highly trained specialists in stroke rehabilitation.
  • Team of physicians, nurses and therapists specializing in evaluating and managing stroke complications, including one-sided paralysis, difficulty with language, swallowing problems, and emotional and other issues.
  • State-of-the-art functional electrical stimulation systems for the treatment of one-sided paralysis to restore mobility and upper-limb function and to reduce stroke-related pain.