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Laryngeal and Airway Surgery

Dr. Weidenbecher is an expert in laryngeal and airway surgery.

He is one of the very few surgeons in the Midwest with special skills in performing microsurgery of the vocal folds, reconstruct airways and perform transoral laryngeal laser or open laryngeal surgeries.

Dr. Weidenbecher treats the following: 

Phonomicrosurgery for vocal cord lesions

Benign vocal fold lesions, such as cysts, nodules or other growths can cause significant hoarseness. Phonomicrosurgical resection includes removal of the lesion under high power magnification using very fine instruments while preserving the underlying normal vocal fold tissue. An excellent understanding of the vocal fold anatomy paired with special microsurgical skills are employed to achieve optimal voice outcomes, whether patients are voice professionals or not.

Airway surgery for stenosis

A stricture of the airway, often related to previous intubation or to airway inflammation, can lead to breathing difficulties. In some cases, patients have received a tracheostomy (a hole in the windpipe) to breathe better. Patients will find specialists who can help rebuild a patient’s airway and work towards removing a tracheostoma, if present.

Dr. Weidenbecher may use endoscopic (laser or balloon dilation tools) and open surgical approaches to help establish an adequate airway that allows for good breathing.

Endoscopic or open laryngeal surgery for cancer

Voicebox cancer is one of the most common head and neck cancers. It often presents with hoarseness, but sometimes also with swallowing and breathing difficulties or throat pain.

Many voicebox cancers can be removed surgically often avoiding 7 weeks of chemo- or radiation therapy. Dr. Weidenbecher uses novel laser technology (KTP, CO2 laser) to remove the cancer while preserving voice and swallow function. For advanced stage cancers, Dr. Weidenbecher is one of the few specialists in the country with significant expertise in partial voicebox resections to avoid complete removal.

Transgender Surgery

For transgender patients to find a more suitable voice is an important part of their identity. Dr. Weidenbecher and his team of speech therapists take a comprehensive approach in making voice modulation successful.   Laryngeal surgery can be a very effective tool to adjust pitch.

Voice feminization procedures can either consist of endoscopic or open neck surgery to increase or lower pitch. For patients with a prominent “Adam’s apple” or  a “tracheal shave” procedures can be considered to change to appearance.

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