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Transgender Voice Problems

What are they?

Transgender patients often seek help with transitioning to the gender that matches their identity.  Besides gender affirmation surgery and hormonal therapy, adjustment of the voice plays an important role in gender expression. Such important voice and speech characteristics to be addressed include pitch and intonation. Other areas of complaint may include a prominent Adam's apple for patients transitioning from male to female.

How are they treated?

Patients will benefit from working with our speech therapist specialists who have years of experience with transgender voice patients. Patients who do not meet their voice expectations may have to consider transgender voice surgery to adjust the frequency.

Several procedures can be considered:

Male-to-female surgeries:

  • Feminization laryngoplasty: Endoscopic shortening of the vocal cords to achieve a higher pitch
  • Laser surgery: The vocal cords are carefully lasered to reduce vibration and to elevate pitch
  • Shave surgery: A prominent Adam's apple will be shaved to give the voice box a more female like appearance.

Female-to male surgery:

  • Pitch-lowering surgery: The thyroid cartilage is opened up and the vocal cords are put in a more relaxed position with less tension.

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