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Benign Vocal Cord Lesions

What are they?

Benign vocal cord lesions are non-cancerous and often occur as a result of vocal fold trauma and, in many cases, by patients abusing or straining their vocal folds. Examples of benign lesions include vocal cord nodules (also known as singer’s nodules), polyps, cysts, and arytenoid granuloma. If these lesions occur on the membranous vocal fold, they can cause hoarseness or vocal fatigue. 

How are they treated?

Treatment recommendations depend on the patient’s symptoms and their needs.  Dr. Weidenbecher uses state-of-the art lasers and microsurgical tools in conjunction with high power microscopes to remove vocal fold lesions in a manner so as to minimize trauma and achieve a favorable recovery period. Dr. Weidenbcher has years of experience managing professional singers and understands the importance of preserving the delicate vocal fold structure.

 Vocal Cord Nodes with caption

 Vocal Cord Nodes 2 with caption

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