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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you have questions or concerns about COVID-19, please call the dedicated MetroHealth support line at 440-59-COVID (440.592.6843).

Si tiene preguntas o inquietudes sobre COVID-19, por favor llame a la línea de apoyo de MetroHealth al 440-59-COVID (440.592.6843).

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Prescription for Hope: COVID-19 Podcast Series

Welcome to Season 2 of MetroHealth’s “Prescription for Hope” podcast. 

We are in the midst of the worst public health crisis of our lifetimes. We are dedicating this season of “Prescription for Hope” to the COVID-19 crisis. Join us as we face this pandemic with courage, resolve … and hope. New episodes regularly. 

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Episode 4: Answering the COVID-19 Hotline

In less than two weeks, nurses answering MetroHealth’s COVID-19 hotline have talked to over 4,200 callers. More than 2,100 of them have then been connected to doctors for an over-the-phone visit. MetroHealth primary care physician Dr. David Margolius helped launch the hotline and has worked the phones from the beginning. He describes how it works and what it’s meant to not only worried patients but to the scores of doctors and nurses on the other side of the line.

See the article for more details.

If you have questions or concerns about COVID-19, please call the dedicated MetroHealth support line at 440-59-COVID (440.592.6843).


Episode 3: Supplying the Lifesavers

Does MetroHealth have enough supplies for the COVID-19 crisis? Justin Gallo, Vice President of Supply Chain Management, discusses how well the system has prepared. He explains how he keeps doctors and nurses supplied with masks, gowns, gloves and goggles. Want to donate supplies? Email [email protected].


Episode 2: This is a Time to Get Prepared

How is MetroHealth preparing for a potential flood of COVID-19 patients? Vice President and Chief Quality Officer Brook Watts explains how MetroHealth is using this time of relative calm before a potential storm to train and educate caregivers about what might be ahead. She talks about how we are trying to prevent a shortage in supplies, and how the system is working to support caregivers and the community. “How do we stand together,” she asks, “while standing apart?”

Episode 1: COVID-19 101 

The first episode: the basics ... COVID-19 101. Featuring Dr. Brook Watts, MetroHealth's Vice President and Chief Quality Officer.