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Application Process

Required application materials include the following:

1.  Current resume
2. Official transcript with graduate GPA listed (unofficial graduate transcripts will be accepted if you are still completing your graduate degree)
3. Three letters of recommendation

  • Professional (ability to speak about professional skills and abilities; examples ‒ direct manager, supervisor, preceptor, etc.
  • Academic (ability to speak about academic performance; examples ‒ professor, program director, faculty advisor, etc.)
  • Personal (ability to speak about personal values; examples ‒ colleague, mentor, professional organization leader, etc.)

4. Personal statement addressing the following questions (no more than one page in length)

  • Why are you interested in healthcare?
  • Why MetroHealth?
  • What do you hope to gain from the Daniel K. Lewis Administrative Fellowship?
  • What are your unique attributes that make you a good candidate for this fellowship?

Materials should be consolidated into one PDF file and attached to the job application where prompted. Your application will not be reviewed until all required materials are submitted.


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