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Prescription for Hope Podcast Series

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We are in the midst of the worst public health crisis of our lifetimes. We are dedicating this season of “Prescription for Hope” to the COVID-19 crisis. Join us as we face this pandemic with courage, resolve … and hope. New episodes regularly.

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Robert Smith, MD
Episode 24:This is Really What It’s About
MetroHealth’s Dr. Robert L. Smith – aka “Dr. Bob” – joins us again to offer his thoughts on COVID’s damage to our relationships and how the pandemic just might be the opportunity we all need to focus on love. Listen to Podcast
Message from Ministers - Rolling Up Sleeves for the COVID Vaccine
Episode 23: The Ministers Have a Message
To build trust within the community, MetroHealth invited faith leaders from around Greater Cleveland to come in, roll up their sleeves and set a lifesaving example for their flocks. Listen to Podcast
COVID-19 Shot Day at MetroHealth
Episode 22: What a Beautiful Day to Start Vaccinating People
The vaccine has arrived, the vaccinations have begun and the prescription for hope is finally being filled. Join us for an up-close look at the historic Wednesday when MetroHealth took the first steps in the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to Podcast
Dr. Ray on COVID-19 Testing
Episode 21: At the Precipice
If all goes according to plan, we are just days away from the arrival of a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Amy Ray, MetroHealth’s Medical Director of Infection Prevention, leads the system’s Vaccine Preparedness Committee, which has been planning for the arrival of a vaccine for months. Listen to Podcast
Dr. Bob Smith
Episode 20: Facing Winter and the Third Wave
We are exhausted. Caregivers – and everyone else – have been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for nine long months. MetroHealth’s Dr. Robert L. Smith, aka “Dr. Bob,” the caregiver for the caregivers, joins us to provide guidance on how to approach the coming days with hope, gratitude and optimism. Listen to Podcast
Katie Kurtz
Episode 19: COVID is Collective Trauma
All of us have been traumatized by the coronavirus pandemic. Katie Kurtz, Community Resilience Educator with MetroHealth’s Center for Health Resilience, joins us to explain the collective trauma of COVID-19 and how we can heal and find resilience in days to come. Listen to Podcast
Akram Boutros, MD, FACHE
Episode 18: A Coronavirus Conversation
MetroHealth President and CEO Akram Boutros looks back and takes stock on what we learned, what we did right, how we plan to help distribute a vaccine, what we fear going forward and how we are going to continue battling racism and health-care injustice.   Listen to Podcast
Dr. Boulanger podcast
Episode 17: Mind the Care Gaps
The missed, avoided and postponed appointments have created a different potential public health crisis. Dr. Bernie Boulanger, MetroHealth’s Chief Clinical Officer, joined us to discuss “care gaps” and how MetroHealth is trying to close them. Listen to Podcast
Alan Nevel
Episode 16: Fighting Two Pandemics - COVID-19 and Racism
How do you lead an HR department through the worst public-health crisis in memory? How do you push a 183-year-old public health system to face, fight and reverse society’s systemic racism and injustice? Ask Alan Nevel, MetroHealth’s Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity and Human Resources Officer. Watch referenced video. Listen to Podcast
Cuyahoga County Jail During COVID-19
Episode 15: Preventing a COVID-19 Tragedy at the County Jail
Eight of the nation’s top 10 COVID-19 outbreaks have been in jails or prisons. And back in early March, the beleaguered and chronically overcrowded Cuyahoga County Jail seemed to be the perfect petri dish for infection. Listen to Podcast
Dr. Stager
Episode 14: Caring for Adolescents During COVID-19
Dr. Margaret Stager, MetroHealth’s Director of the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, talks about caring for teens and young adults during the coronavirus lockdown and afterward. Listen to Podcast
Pastor Jim Kulma
Episode 13: A Hospital Chaplain in the Time of COVID-19
The coronavirus has changed how hospital chaplains do their jobs, but the job itself remains the same: provide emotional and spiritual support to patients and staff, when they need it most. Listen to Podcast
Homeless Care During COVID-19
Episode 12: Caring for the Homeless During COVID-19
How do you stay at home if you don’t have one? How do you shelter in place when your only place is a shelter? We follow MetroHealth family medicine doctors as they crisscross the city to screen homeless members of our community for COVID-19. Listen to Podcast
Dr. Dan Kinker
Episode 11: An ER Doc Gets COVID-19
Dr. Dan Kinker is a second-year resident in emergency medicine. In mid-March, he developed a cough and discovered he had COVID-19. He shares his experience and how things have changed since the arrival of the coronavirus. Listen to Podcast
Coming Clean about How we Clean
Episode 10: Coming Clean about How We Clean
The small army that keeps every part of a hospital clean – the doorknobs, the elevator buttons, the bathrooms, the patient rooms – they are so much more than sweepers, moppers and wipers. Listen to Podcast
Episode 9: Don't Throw Away That Mask
By reimagining technology that was designed to fight a potential Ebola epidemic, MetroHealth is now able to sterilize up to 50,000 N95 and KN95 medical face masks a day. Listen to Podcast
Empowerment at MetroHealth Institute for H.O.P.E.
Episode 8: The Institute for H.O.P.E.
COVID-19 has magnified the social determinants of health and disparities in our society. Institute President Sue Fuehrer sits down with Rita Andolsen to discuss how the Institute is serving the community during the crisis. Listen to Podcast
COVID-19 Testing Process
Episode 7: Following a COVID-19 Test
Quality Technical Specialist Alana Clampitt, who helps oversee the immunology lab at MetroHealth Medical Center, lets us follow a coronavirus test, while giving us a behind-the-scenes look at how the system is testing for COVID-19 in-house, with results in about two hours. Listen to Podcast
Dr. Bob Smith
Episode 6: Stay in the Moment
Dr. Bob Smith, director of MetroHealth’s Medical Staff Assistance Program, shares some ways we – caregivers and everyone else – can avoid the darkness and maybe, just maybe, come out of the coronavirus crisis better than we were before.
Listen to Podcast
Rochelle Compassionate Care
Episode 5: Visitation is on Hold. Compassion Isn't.
Follow MetroHealth’s Rochelle Cannon as she stands in for visitors, chatting with patients by connecting them with family members via video chat and reading them emails and letters – all with remarkable care and compassion. Listen to Podcast
COVID-19 Hotline
Episode 4: Answering the Hotline
Dr. David Margolius describes how the hotline works and what it’s meant to not only worried patients but to the scores of doctors and nurses on the other side of the line. Listen to Podcast
COVID-19 Supplies
Episode 3: Supplying the Life Savers
Justin Gallo, Vice President of Supply Chain Management, discusses how well the system has prepared. He explains how he keeps doctors and nurses supplied with masks, gowns, gloves and goggles. Listen to Podcast
Dr. Watts on COVID-19
Episode 2: Time to Get Prepared
Vice President and Chief Quality Officer Brook Watts explains how MetroHealth is using this time of relative calm before a potential storm to train and educate caregivers about what might be ahead. Listen to Podcast
COVID-19 101
Episode 1: COVID-19 101
Dr. Brook Watts,, MetroHealth's Vice President and Chief Quality Officer, discusses the basics of COVID-19... what we know, what we can do, and how to stay safe. Listen to Podcast
Thank You
Bonus Episode: Thank You to Our Community
The generosity of the community has overwhelmed us. Here's a quick thank you from us for the kindness Greater Cleveland has shown us during the coronavirus crisis. Gracias. Listen to Podcast