Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the following locations are temporarily closed and appointments are being moved to other locations or to telehealth:
Bedford (open for vaccine clinics only), Brooklyn, Brunswick, Buckeye, Rocky River, State Road, and West Park (ExpressCare at West Park remains open).

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An Important Message

Dear Friends,

Thank you for trusting MetroHealth with your health care.

Since March, you have had to make a lot of changes to keep yourself, your family and your neighbors safe. 

Hope is on the horizon. Safe, effective vaccines for COVID-19 are here, and we are working to make sure our patients can get them soon.

Both the federal and state government provide guidance and prioritize who receives the COVID-19 vaccines and when. Keeping with their rules, we have begun vaccinating doctors, nurses and others who provide front-line care to COVID patients. Vaccinations have also already begun for those who live in nursing homes and other congregate living situations.

Next on the priority list are people over the age of 75 as well as front-line essential workers, such as emergency responders, teachers and grocery store employees. We expect that to begin in early 2021.

We will provide vaccine to patients with underlying health conditions as well as those age 65 or older by early to mid-spring. 

After those groups are inoculated, then the vaccine should be made available to anyone who is 16 years or older in the spring or summer of 2021.

Until then, we must stay safe.

To do that, we have closed some of our locations and shifted some appointments to telehealth visits, which are done over the phone or on video chat. 

Please remember:

  • We are still open to meet all your health care needs. That’s why we are here and why we will always be here for you.
  • Do not delay your care. If you are sick, if you have a health problem or if you need preventive care (annual check-ups, immunizations, tests, screenings, etc.), please schedule an appointment. We know how to keep you healthy and safe.
  • Please be aware that you may need to go to a different location or connect with a provider over the phone or on video. Thank you for understanding. 
  • These changes are temporary. We look forward to returning to “normal” soon. We will get past this.

Thank you for your support and sacrifice throughout 2020. And thank you again for trusting us with your care.

Akram Boutros, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer