Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the following locations are temporarily closed and appointments are being moved to other locations or to telehealth:
Bedford (open for vaccine clinics only), Brooklyn, Buckeye, Rocky River, and State Road

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Statistical Highlights (2019)

Patient Care  
 Patient Visits  1,453,946
     Inpatient Stays  25,812
     Outpatient Visits   1,282,860
     Emergency Department Visits    145,274
 Patient Days, Medical Center  133,697
 Patient Days, Long Term Care     42,534
 Surgical Cases   21,824
 Babies Delivered 2,878
 Metro Life Flight Transports  3,965
     Helicopter   963
     Ground Unit 3,002


 Physicians   626
 Resident Physicians In Training   390
 Nurses    2,041
     Registered Nurses 1,783
     Advanced Practice Registered Nurses 258

Total Employees


Special Programs  
 Volunteers    636


2019 Census Information