Community and Economic Development

Building a Better Future for Our Patients and Our Neighborhood

Community and Economic Development

We’re Just Getting Started 

At MetroHealth, we’re just getting started with the transformation of our main campus, building a new hospital, and leading the way to a healthier community for everyone to enjoy. 

We want the community with us every step of the way... which is why we hosted and participated in a number of community meetings this summer at Family Ministries, the 2nd District Commander’s meeting, in Tremont and in Slavic Village. We also invited the community to MetroHealth for a series of open houses in our Center for Campus Transformation to experience a virtual reality tour of the hospital, learn more about the initiatives we’re leading, and share their thoughts about how we’re working together to strengthen and enhance the Clark-Fulton neighborhood.

We’ve made a lot of announcements in the last few months about MetroHealth initiatives and we want to share the details with our community and hear what they have to say.

We’ve met with more than 500 community members in the last two months including residents, small business owners, city council members, nonprofit and community partners, patients and others interested in what we had to share and how it would enhance the neighborhood and the community.

The response was positive with high interest in continuing the conversation. The main areas of interest were our housing initiatives, the digital access pilot, green space and the idea of new businesses and amenities including a grocery store, and locally owned affordable restaurants. Those we spoke with were excited about having a voice and collaborating to improve health and safety and to create economic and educational opportunities to improve everyone’s quality of life. Read an overview of MetroHealth initiatives or learn more about our investments in Clark -Fulton.

People asked a lot of questions and shared their ideas. Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Read more from local media who attended our meetings and open houses.


 MetroHealth is committed to continuing the
 conversation... we want you to be a part of it.

 Come Join Us!

  • Oct. 8 – Second District Community Relations Committee Meeting
  • Oct. 10  State of the City
  • Nov. 2  Second District Community Relations Committee Meeting


Greg Zucca at MetroHealth Open House
Greg Zucca, Director of Economic Development, shares renderings of the proposed new buildings

Jasmine Santana Councilwoman Jasmin Santana (right) and Roberta Duarte, Jumpstart (left) with friends

Greg Bieler at MetroHealth Open House
Greg Bieler shares information about the EcoDistrict protocol 

Pardon our Dust

People who live near our main campus no doubt saw the trucks traveling up and down Scranton all summer long. What they didn’t know was those 6,500 truckloads of dirt hauled 35,000 yards of clean dirt to Clark Fields to be used in an EPA remediation project. Learn more about the environmental cleanup at Clark Field.

 Construction at MetroHealth  


The Steel is Going In

Everyone who passes by the new hospital construction site at Scranton and Southpoint can’t help but notice huge cranes in the sky and steel arching upward out of the ground. The foundation is being built and work will continue until the until 11 floors of steel are in place.

 MetroHealth Construction Site

MetroHealth Construction Site


As we keep building on the construction site and in the community, we want to keep you informed along the way. Check back with us at this page for updates and if you have a question, please contact us at [email protected] or send a note to:

Community Relations 
5410 Lancaster Dr., Bldg B, Room 218
Brooklyn Heights, Ohio 44131