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Anesthesiology Clinical Elective 4001B


This 4 week elective will provide the student with a broad and comprehensive experience in the area of anesthesiology.  The student will gain an understanding of the physiology, pharmacology, and coexisting diseases that affect the perioperative management of patients.  Students will become practiced in various techniques of airway management and IV access throughout the rotation.  Each student will be involved with preoperative evaluation, induction, intubation, monitoring, emergence, and recovery of patients undergoing surgical procedures; all under close resident and attending supervision.   The student will spend the first 2 weeks of the rotation in the main OR, learning the basic principles and techniques of anesthesia.  In the 3rd week, the student will spend time rotating on the Obstetrical Anesthesia team, the Acute Pain Service, and in the Pre-Surgical Evaluation Clinic.  The 4th week is designed as an elective week where the student can choose where they would like to spend their time.  It is during this week that a student can rotate at the Chronic Pain Management Clinic or Ambulatory Surgical Center.


  1. Gain knowledge of the commonly used drugs in anesthesia
  2. Describe the role of medical management of systemic illnesses in changing anesthetic risk
  3. Compare and contrast various anesthetic techniques and formulate a basic anesthesia plan
  4. Evaluation of airways and demonstration of basic airway techniques
  5. Describe how the physiologic changes during pregnancy affect anesthetic management
  6. Gain exposure to ultrasound guided upper and lower extremity peripheral nerve blocks


Students will be expected to attend all resident lectures in addition to special lectures provided by the anesthesia attendings.  They will also have an aggressive reading schedule; therefore, daily duties will end early to allow for this study.  At the end of the rotation, students will take an examination. 


Completion of clerkship in Internal Medicine or Surgery


Maximum:  2 medical students per month


All months, except July and December (with a one month commitment) 

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