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Back pain is the leading health issue in America. Fortunately, with the right team of experts, back pain can be treated with a variety of conservative treatment options.

Comeback Stories
Natalie, a Spine Center patient, refused to let pain become
part of her routine.  Watch her story.

But when more complex spinal issues arise, patients can benefit from state-of-the-art interventional and minimally invasive procedures available at the MetroHealth Spine Center.

MetroHealth's Spine Center offers a multi-disciplinary team approach for the treatment of spinal disorders. 

Our patients can access the most advanced medical and surgical spine team in Northeast Ohio and nationally renowned rehabilitation services. And you don't have to seek help alone: Our team will navigate you to the services and treatments most appropriate for your condition.

Comprehensive, Personalized Care from a Team of Experts

The Spine Center team consists of experts in pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation therapy, interventional procedures, minimally invasive surgery and advanced surgical procedures. They work closely with the patient and their primary care provider to coordinate the best treatment plan possible

In addition, MetroHealth is not just a destination for patients who have already been diagnosed with a spinal disorder. As a Level I Trauma Center,we are the leaders in treating injuries involving the neck and spine. No matter your condition, your injury will be approached with leading expertise.

In the News

  GPS-Like Device Improves Spine Surgery
New 3-D technology at the MetroHealth Spine Center offers a perfect view of the spine and abnormalities, offering patients better outcomes and faster recovery times. Read more.

  Back Pain? It Might Be Caused by Your Bra...
...or your shoes. Learn simple changes women can make to relieve back pain without drugs or surgery. Read more.
  Researchers use experimental nerve 'bridge' to restore breathing
Department of Neurosciences researcher Dr. Warren Alilain is the lead author of a study published in the journal Nature on nerve regrowth in spinal cord injury patients. Read more.
  Treating Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and Other Causes of Back Pain
Do you have unexplained back pain? It could be caused by lumbar spinal stenosis, a common condition that often occurs without any other symptoms. MetroHealth Neurosciences Chair Dr. Michael Steinmetz explains in this Channel 3 interview. Watch the video.
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