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School Health Program

The School Health Program was developed to bring MetroHealth primary care to children who are at risk of not receiving care due to lack of access. With parent/guardian consent, MetroHealth medical professionals care for children at school during school hours.

In addition to primary and preventive health care including routine check-ups and immunizations, the MetroHealth program will help manage chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes, and offer referrals for additional services including behavioral health. MetroHealth plans to expand the centers to as many as 20 CMSD schools in the next two years.

The program is designed to take medicine back to the people - meeting them where they are rather than having them navigate through a big medical system.

MetroHealth’s school-based health center program is funded by grants from the Third Federal Savings & Loan Foundation, The Eaton Corporation Charitable Fund and individual donors. Third Federal Savings & Loan donated $100,000 to MetroHealth. Seventy-five thousand dollars will help support the current pilot program, and the remaining $25,000 will go to the early childhood literacy program at MetroHealth’s nearby Broadway Health Center. The $30,000 grant from The Eaton Corporation will provide for equipment and supplies.

For more information, call 216-957-1303

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Services Offered
Services Not Offered
Parental Involvement
Schools Involved

Services Offered

• School, sports, camp physical exams
• Immunizations
• Care for urgent care visits
• Care for common concerns such as acne, menstrual and weight problems
• Follow-up as requested by the primary care physician
• Mental and behavioral health screenings and referral to services in school
• Parent and student health education
• Basic lab testing
• Vision and hearing screening
• Well child visits

Services Not Offered

• Hospitalization
• Dental Care
• X-rays
• Vision Care

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Parental Involvement
A parent or guardian must sign a consent form before a student may use the MetroHealth Clinic. Once this is done, the student may use the health clinic throughout the school year.  A parent is not required, but is always welcome, to accompany the child during clinic visits. 

Student visits to the clinic are confidential. Information is not shared outside of the MetroHealth clinic team without parental consent, unless it is a life-threatening situation. Parents can give consent to MetroHealth to share information needed for follow-up with the school nurse.

Students and their families are not financially responsible for any services provided at the school. When able, insurances are billed and families are not be responsible for any co-pays or deductibles. If services are required at any of the non-school based MetroHealth clinics, standard financial terms will apply.

Starting October 2014:



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