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MetroHealth Prime


MetroHealth Prime is a free membership program open to all adults 55 years and older.  To join, call 216-957-2800, or complete the online application form below.

Program Benefits

The benefits of MetroHealth Prime include:

  • MetroHealth parking and cafeteria discounts
  • Personal assistance providing guidance and access to appropriate MetroHealth services and programs
  • Physician referral to Senior Health Outpatient Program
  • Health Education Programs via our popular "Mornings at MetroHealth" seminars and Senior Community Outreach
  • Benefits Enrollment Center: MetroHealth Prime is a screening location for this free service that helps to determine eligibility for federal/state/local benefit assistance programs available to seniors.

MetroHealth Prime Card

The MetroHealth Prime Card entitles members to discounts in parking garages and cafeterias:

  • $1 off parking at MetroHealth Medical Center and MetroHealth Old Brooklyn Health Center
  • 10% off in the MetroHealth Medical Center and MetroHealth Old Brooklyn Health Center cafeterias
  • 20% off in the MetroHealth Medical Center Gift Shop every Wednesday


MetroHealth Prime is a free membership program specifically designed to meet the needs of adults 55 years and older.  Membership provides access to a variety of programs and services that support the high-quality, professional medical care offered by MetroHealth. 

Join Today — It's Free!  Just submit the form below.

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  • © Copyright 2002 - The MetroHealth System
  • 2500 MetroHealth Drive|Cleveland, OH 44109|(216) 778-7800
  • All Rights Reserved.