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PGY-I Rotations

PGY-I Categorical Rotations

A.  General Medical Wards

  1. Four - five Modules
  2. Each team consists of 1 Attending, 1 Senior Resident, 3 interns, and 1-2 Case Western Reserve University medical students. There are 2 teams on each floor.
  3. Daily schedule is split into a day call, long call, and night call. No shift is longer than 16 hours.
  4. Maximum number of admissions is 5, including transfers. After 5, the patients are distributed to other team members in the morning.
  5. Usual patient load is 5-7 patients.
  6. Work rounds and bedside teaching rounds with the attending occur every morning. Formal team teaching typically occurs in the afternoons. 

B.  Medical Step-down

  1. Two Modules
  2. Team consists of 1 Critical Care attending, 2 Senior Residents, and 5 interns
  3. Average of  every 5th night shift
  4. Daily attending rounds

C.  Cardiac Telemetry

  1. Two Modules
  2. Team consists of 1 Cardiologist, 2 Senior Residents, and 5 interns
  3. Average of every 5th night shift
  4. Daily attending rounds

 D.  Ambulatory Medicine Clinic 

  1. Two and a half Modules
  2. No night shifts. weekends off
  3. Consists of Continuity Clinics, Urgent Care Clinics, and didactic curriculum. Interns are expected to see 2-5 patients per half day.

E.  Continuity Clinic

  1. 2 half-day clinics/week during ambulatory medicine rotation and 2 half-day clniics/week during electives.
  2. Follow own panel of patients
  3. Residents linked with a primary internal medicine faculty preceptor
  4. Co-management available from fellow residents. 
  5. No clinic during inpatient months. 

 F. Emergency Department

  1. One month in the first, second, or third year
  2. Ten-hour shifts 
  3. Exposure to all types of patients in ED setting, including trauma, and surgical patients.
  4. Attending present 24 hours a day and reviews all cases.

G. Electives:  Two modules in one of the medical subspecialties

H.  Vacation: One module


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