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PGY-III Rotations

The academic year is divided into 13, four-week modules.

A. General Medical Service, supervising resident

  1. Two modules
  2. Two weekend calls per module
  3. Manage an interdisciplinary inpatient health care team under the supervision of a single attending physician

B. Medical Consult Service

  1. One module
  2. Two weekend calls per module
  3. Daily rounds with general medicine attending
  4. Evaluate patients on non-medical services (e.g. general surgery, orthopedics, and obstetrics) for pre-operative evaluations or general medical care
  5. Pre-operative evaluation clinic two half days per week

C. Electives

  1. Two - three modules – resident choice of elective
  2. Call-free

D. Night Float Service

  1. Three separate two-week modules for a total of four weeks
  2. Twelve nights in two weeks of shift work covering general medical services or units in a supervisory role to admitting juniors and interns

E. Continuity Clinic

  1. One - two half-day per week during elective rotation & one supervisory rotation of 3C SAR/10B SAR/ Med Consults
  2. No clinic during 10C SAR, 9B SAR, SSU, and Night Float rotations

F. Short Stay Unit 

  1. Two modules 
  2. Five - six overnight calls (12 hour shifts) during one module
  3. Near complete autonomy with patients
  4. No clinic 

G. Vacation: One module

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