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Perinatal and OBYGN Pathology

Department: Department of Pathology, The MetroHealth System

Objective: During this rotation, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify the clinical pathologic correlation of various pathology specimens, including perinatal autopsy, placentas, products of conceptions, cervical biopsies and gynecologic malignancies with their corresponding clinical presentation, and subsequent patients’ management and treatment.
  2. Realize additional ancillary pathological disciplines, such as the Pap Smear, serology for HPV detection and cytogenetics, and the understanding of their contribution to patients’ management.

Offered: Two or four week

Students: 4th Year Medical Students (maximum 1 student per rotation)

Required: Completion of core clerkship in Medicine

Description: This elective will offer the student a hands-on approach of the handling and examination of perinatal and GYN pathology specimens. They will also learn the correlation of the pathology findings with the clinical presentation and management of these cases.

Duties: The student will function as an integral part of the team. He/she will observe and participate in dissections, identify pathologic processes, study microscopic sections. Student activities are closely supervised by senior residents and attending staff.

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