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Pediatric Infectious Disease

OBJECTIVE: 1) Introduce students to pediatric clinical infectious disease as they present on both the inpatient and outpatient services

2) Provide the opportunity to learn the basic bacteriologic, virologic and serologic techniques utilized in diagnosing and evaluating various infectious diseases

3) Integrate clinical and laboratory data to understand the disease

4) Offer an optional opportunity within the elective to carry out a limited objective research project in the pediatric infectious disease area

OFFERED: All months

STUDENTS: Maximum: 1 visiting medical student for each rotation

REQUIRED: Basic clerkship in Pediatrics and Medicine

DESCRIPTION: The student will work up and follow infectious disease patients under the supervision of Drs. Kumar or Abughali. Major topics in pediatric infectious disease will be discussed. Laboratory projects will be available on an optional basis.

DUTIES: The student's clinical work, primarily consultative, will be supervised. No night-call duty.

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