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Medical Student Clerkship

Brad Stetzer, D.O., Director
Sarah Caril, M.D., Assistant Director


Third year Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) medical students pursue clinical training within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology throughout the year.  Drs. Stetzer and Caril meet with the students on their first day of the rotation for orientation.  Dr. Stetzer also meets with the students throughout the clerkship to review objectives, performance, and clinical pearls.  In 2006, 60 students completed their OB/GYN clerkship at MetroHealth (Core Block II), utilizing the majority of the available slots.  The clinic shadowing experience (student paired with one attending in his/her own private clinic), which began in 2004, continues to be very popular and is a recognized highlight of the clerkship experience.  The four week OB/GYN rotation is comprised of one week in labor and delivery, one week on night float, one week in GYN/Oncology surgery, and one week in ambulatory clinic.   The night float rotation has been uniformly well received by the students and reported to be very educational.  The objectives for the rotation are from the Medical Student Educational Objectives of the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics.


The third year medical student Block II Core Clerkship is 16-weeks long.  The Block II Core Clerkship is divided into four disciplines, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Neurology and Psychology.  Medical students spend four weeks in each of these disciplines.  The student's four week OB/GYN rotation is divided equally between Gynecology and Obstetrics. On each service, the supervised student joins the health care teams as an active member rather than merely an observer, a process that includes a night float rotation and scheduled weekend calls.  The students are provided with pagers for easy communication.

To prepare students for the rotation, the first day in OB/GYN is devoted to an orientation program consisting of concentrated instruction in the "nuts and bolts" of the field.  This orientation has proven effective and quite popular with the students.

In addition to the extensive experience gained as team members, the students have the opportunity of a seminar with the OB/GYN Chairperson, Dr. Patrick Catalano, for which a student prepares a case discussion of his/her choosing for in depth presentation and subsequent critique.  Weekly meetings with the clerkship Director and Associate Director offer additional time for instruction and discussion of areas not covered in conferences, as well as on-going feedback of student performance and of the clerkship.  Didactic lectures are prepared and given by faculty, and cover a variety of the subjects in the field.  A specific OB/GYN textbook is recommended to the students prior to their first day of the rotation.  Specific chapters are recommended to the students each week to ensure proper coverage of the core topics the student needs to learn while on this rotation.   They are also expected to attend all departmental clinical meetings each week, customarily numbering three or more.  Our faculty lecture series is designed for maximum coverage of the student objectives. 

Ambulatory care experience is gained in the OB/GYN clinics.  On Obstetrics, students are assigned to sessions in the High-Risk Obstetrics Clinic and Diabetic Clinic.  The ambulatory rotation allows for exposure to a variety of obstetric and gynecologic outpatient problems and procedures.  This week includes experience in Family Planning, Colposcopy, Infertility, and Urogynecology. The students on the Gynecology and Oncology services work with their teams in appropriate sub-specialty clinics.  All clinics are precepted by attending physicians.


The student evaluation strategy is based on a point system in which points are earned based on clinical performance and performance on objective examinations (NBME Progressive Achievement test and the OSCE, or Objective Structure Clinical Examination).  Each student's clinical performance score is based on assessments by residents and attending physicians with whom they have worked throughout the rotation.
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