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Special Clinics & Programs

To make an appointment regarding high-risk pregnancy issues,
call the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Team at 216-778-5498.

MetroHealth offers a number of special clinics and programs to address specific concerns during pregnancy:

Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic

There has been a significant increase in the prevalence of obesity in the U.S. population and MetroHealth’s program is seeing more diabetes in pregnancy, especially Type 2. This clinic offers comprehensive care for women with pre-existing diabetes and those with gestational diabetes. Preconceptional and early pregnancy evaluation and care are available to give women diabetes the best start for their pregnancy.

Many of our patients participate in research studies evaluating the physiology and various outcome measures of diabetes in pregnancy, with a goal of improving outcomes for both mother and child.

  • Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 IDDM
  • Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus Type II
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Bariatric Surgery

High Risk Clinic: Medical and Obstetrical Complications Clinic

In this clinic, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists offer consultation and care for women with medical conditions and obstetric complications that place the mother or the pregnancy at increased risk. The clinic offers care for conditions such as

  • chronic hypertension
  • cardiac and pulmonary disease
  • thyroid disease
  • maternal infections, such as HIV
  • recurrent pregnancy loss
  • deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolus
  • connective tissue diseases
  • thrombophilias
  •  inherited anemias
  • substance abuse: Mother and Child Dependency Program  

In addition, women with pregnancies complicated by conditions such as prior fetal loss, abnormal fetal growth and abruption and placenta previa are seen here. 

Prematurity Clinic

This clinic focuses on the care of women with prior preterm birth and those with current pregnancy complications — such as preterm labor, multifetal gestations or short cervical length — that put them at high risk for preterm birth.

Our patients are evaluated for correctable risk factors for preterm birth and are offered specific evaluation and ongoing monitoring according to their risk factors for preterm birth. In addition, we monitor our patients to determine if there are complications that might necessitate a preterm birth for the health of mother or child.

Fetal Care Clinic

  • Fetal transfusions
  • Fetal shunts
  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling
  • 3 and 4 Dimensional Imaging
  • Fetal Echocardiography
  • Amnioreduction
  • Fetal testing
    • Non-stress Testing
    • Contraction stress testing
    • Biophysical Profile
    • Fetal Doppler Assessment
    • Amniotic Fluid Assessment

Pregnancies with complications affecting the fetus often require focused and highly specialized monitoring to determine the safety of continuing pregnancy, to identify those who might benefit from specific treatments before birth and to make decisions about the optimal timing for delivery.

In the fetal care clinic, we offer care for pregnancies complicated by conditions such as red cell or platelet alloimmunization, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, as well as pregnancies with known severe fetal growth restriction or fetal malformations. Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists and nurse coordinator coordinate fetal therapies, and prenatal and postnatal consultations with medical and surgical specialty pediatric services as needed.

Fetal Diagnostic Center

The fetal diagnostic center offers prenatal evaluation for fetal abnormalities, growth disturbances and genetic conditions, as well as monitoring of babies during complicated pregnancies. Screening and diagnostic testing — such as amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling and fetal blood sampling — are available to evaluate for genetic conditions or infections.

The maternal-fetal medicine service also performs intrauterine procedures such as fetal transfusions for pregnancies affected by Rh disease and severe infections, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic drainage procedures for conditions such as urinary tract obstructions, fetal masses and fetal fluid collections.

Genetics Clinic

  • Advanced Maternal Age (women who are 35 or older and men who are 50 or older)
  • Personal or family history of a genetic condition or birth defect
  • Exposures to chemicals or medications that may increase the risk for birth defects
  • Maternal health condition that increases the risk for birth defects (such as diabetes)
  • Couples who are related to each other by blood (ex. first cousins)
  • Ethnic background that increases the risk for certain genetic conditions
  • Fetal abnormalities detected by ultrasound examination
  • Prenatal screening that suggests an increased risk for a fetal abnormality
  • Prenatal diagnosis that reveals a genetic condition in the fetus
  • Concerns regarding carrier status of a specific genetic condition 

Additional Services Include:

  • Consultation/Referral/Emergency Transport
  • 24-hour Telephone Consultation Service
  • Pre-Conceptual Consultation
  • Outpatient Consultation and Concurrent Care for Medical and Obstetrical Complications of Pregnancy 

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