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For Caregivers

Caregiving can be a lonely task. Often it’s just you and your ill loved one, with no one around who can truly understand what you’re going through. It’s a ride on an emotional roller coaster, inspiring fear, rage, hope, grief, courage, fatigue, dedication, and love — all in the same day. So it’s no surprise that your own well-being, both physical and emotional, often suffers.

As a caregiver, you do have an outlet. Support groups offer a safe place for sharing emotions and experiences, seeking and giving advice, and exchanging practical information with others.

Support groups can be found through a number of resources:

  • Ask other caregivers you know if they belong to any groups
  • Look through the community pages of your local Yellow Pages
  • Talk to county service agencies
  • Contact your Area Agency on Aging: 216-621-8010
  • Talk to Social Work at MetroHealth: 216-778-5551
© Copyright 2002 - The MetroHealth System|2500 MetroHealth Drive|Cleveland, OH 44109|(216) 778-7800|All Rights Reserved.
  • © Copyright 2002 - The MetroHealth System
  • 2500 MetroHealth Drive|Cleveland, OH 44109|(216) 778-7800
  • All Rights Reserved.