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Clinical Trials Unit

MetroHealth is home to the Heart & Vascular Research Center, a state-of-the-art clinical and basic science cardiovascular research center. The research studies underway at the Heart and Vascular Research Center are collaborative in nature and promote interaction between clinicians, clinical investigators, biologists, and biomedical engineers. This collaboration ensures that new, cutting-edge diagnostic techniques, treatments, and medical discoveries transition efficiently and effectively from the laboratory bench to the bedside offering patients access to procedures and therapies not widely available.

Currently Enrolling Trials

ABCD: Alternans before Cardioverter Defibrillator Trial
PI: Otto Costantini, MD
A study assessing the risk of sudden cardiac death in patients with weak hearts following a heart attack.

RESTORE US: Registry of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy—U.S.
P.I.: Otto Costantini, MD, and Diyana (Shanti) Gunawardena, MD
A registry looking at how patients with heart failure respond after receiving special new pacemakers (biventricular pacemakers and/or defibrillators) which h ave been shown to improve survival.

ATTAIN: Attain Delivery and implant registry 
PI: William Lewis, MD
A study looking at developing new and improved technology to implant special pacemakers and defibrillators.

HAT: Home AED Trial 
PI: Kathleen Quealy, MD
A study assessing if home external defibrillators (like those in schools and airports) can help prevent sudden cardiac death in patients who have had a large heart attack. The patient’s family may get such a device for free in the home instead of having to call 911 for an emergency.

FUSION II: Follow-up Serial Infusions of Natrecor® (nesiritide) for the Management of Patients with Heart Failure 
PI: Otto Costantini, MD
A study assessing if outpatient treatments with a new drug called Natrecor reduce the risk of death and hospitalizations when given once or twice a week to patients with chronic, severe heart failure.

CAPTURE: Complete Automatic Pacing Threshold Utilization Recorded by Enpulse 
PI: Nancy Johnson, MD
A study of new technology in pacemaker which will allow for longer duration of the pacemaker battery.

DAR 201: 
PI: Karen Kutoloski, DO
A study to evaluate the efficacy of a new drug called darusentan in treating patients with difficult to control high blood pressure who are already receiving standard medications.

Long QT studies 
PI: Elizabeth Kaufman, MD
Novel noninvasive and genetic techniques to refine the diagnosis of the long QT syndrome and related familial heart rhythm syndromes.

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