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Registered dietitians, dietetic technicians, and diet clerks in the Department of Clinical Nutrition strive to ensure that all patients receive proper nourishment for optimal health and healing. Clinical dietitians and dietetic technicians work closely with patients and the medical team.

Inpatient Nutrition Services
Inpatient dietitians and dietetic technicians work with a wide range of patient populations, including those who are malnourished, have difficulty eating, require special dietary restrictions, and those being fed through a feeding tube or through their veins. All patients are screened in order to identify those at nutritional risk. Clinical dietitians evaluate the nutritional needs of patients and establish a nutrition plan with the goal of providing optimal nourishment.

Outpatient Nutrition Services
The Nutrition Program within The MetroHealth System is committed to promoting optimum nutrition in health and disease. Individualized nutrition counseling sessions are available to those who desire to change or evaluate their current food intake to meet their health needs. Services are provided by registered, licensed dietitians who are highly trained in the science of medical nutrition therapy. Common medical reasons for which patients seek counseling include: diabetes, weight management, cancer, and high blood cholesterol.

Service Locations
Services are provided in the Nutrition Clinic, located in Room 2010 on the second floor of the Specialty Services Pavilion, and in various specialty clinics.

Schedule an Appointment
Appointments may be scheduled by calling the Nutrition Clinic at 216-778-7835. Most insurance plans require a referral from a physician. Patients under most managed care plans must obtain a referral from their primary care provider.

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