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Dr. Tallman Joins MetroHealth

Friday, May 02, 2014 - Dr. Tallman Joins MetroHealth

Dr. Thomas Tallman has joined MetroHealth as the Medical Director of the recently established MetroHealth Correctional Health Program.

Dr. Tallman brings more than 20 years of experience to the position. He is on the Ohio State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire and Transportation Services and serves as Board Examiner on the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

He last served a number of roles at the Cleveland Clinic, where he was Medical Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Event Medicine and the Mobile Emergency Response Team. He also served as Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) from 2007 through 2013.

In addition, Dr. Tallman spent 13 years as a commander in the Medical Corps and is a proud Navy veteran.

MetroHealth recently became the new primary health care provider for the Cuyahoga County Corrections Center. Dr. Tallman will help lead the revamp of the center’s medical facility to provide efficient, quality care to county inmates. MetroHealth will also take on long-term issues like diabetes and behavioral problems as well as alcohol and drug addiction.

“This is a unique opportunity to build something from the ground up,” Dr. Tallman said. “We’re able to do more treatment right there at the facility, and reduce costs significantly by not sending patients out to an Emergency Department every time you think someone has chest pain.”

According to the Sheriff’s Department, transporting inmates to and from local hospitals in 2013 exceeded $800,000. The Department anticipates a 15 percent cut in costs with this partnership in place.

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