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Dr. Jeff Galvin Completes 50 Mile Run In Support of MetroHealth, Blazeman Foundation

Wednesday, March 05, 2014 - Dr. Jeff Galvin Completes 50 Mile Run In Support of MetroHealth, Blazeman Foundation
Despite temperatures that barely reached into the twenties Tuesday, Dr. Jeffrey Galvin completed a 50 mile run on his 50th birthday to raise money for MetroHealth's head injury unit as well as The Blazeman Foundation.

Word of his planned run drew media coverage from NewsChannel5, and Dr. Galvin didn't disappoint, despite starting his run with a temperature of approximately five degrees in Huron, Ohio.

Dr. Galvin was joined by colleagues for the majority of his 50 miles, though he ran solo for 22 miles.

"Anybody can do this," Dr. Galvin said. "Six years ago I had never run more than five miles at a stretch. Everybody’s got the switch they can flip to shut out all the voices in their heads that say 'you can’t' or 'you shouldn’t' or 'it’s too hard.'"

Several staff members and family members, including his mother and daughter, awaited Dr. Galvin outside of the MetroHealth Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio's outpatient center, where he rolled across the finish line to commemorate The Blazeman Foundation founder Jon Blaise. Blaise, the only person with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) to ever complete the Ironman triathalon, memorably rolled across the finish line, launching a tradition that Dr. Galvin has continued.

The cause was personal to Dr. Galvin, who has multiple friends with ALS and pushed one of his friends in a wheelchair through an entire marathon last April.  

As his daughter hugged him following the race, she told her father, "I don't understand you." His mother said she was as relieved as she was proud.

You can celebrate Dr. Galvin's achievement with a donation to MetroHealth's head injury unit, where his wife, Liz, works.
The final amount raised will be made public in the near future.
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