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MetroHealth Earns HIMSS Stage 6 Ambulatory Recognition

Monday, November 25, 2013 - MetroHealth Earns HIMSS Stage 6 Ambulatory Recognition

(Cleveland) – HIMSS Analytics honored The MetroHealth System for reaching Stage 6 on its ambulatory electronic medical record adoption model (EMRAM), placing MetroHealth in the top two percentile of U.S. ambulatory hospitals (community health centers) using electronic records (EMR).


In September, MetroHealth received Stage 6 hospital status and is the first health care system in Northeast Ohio to achieve this level of electronic health record adoption, in inpatient and outpatient care. The health system is ahead of most other U.S. hospitals in using EMR to improve the health of patients and the community.


“This recognition marks a significant milestone for our ambulatory clinics,” said Dr. David Kaelber, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at MetroHealth.  “The MetroHealth System was the first U.S. public health care system to install Epic EMR in our ambulatory clinics in 1999. This new achievement is well aligned with our mission to lead the way to a healthier community.”

HIMSS Analytics developed the Ambulatory EMRAM in 2012 as a methodology for evaluating the progress and impact of EMR systems at ambulatory hospitals. HIMSS Analytics ranks hospitals in eight stages (0-7) based on a number of key indicators. According to HIMSS, Stage 6 Ambulatory hospitals have:


  • Made significant executive commitments and investments to reach this stage;


  • Hold a significant advantage over competitors for patient safety, clinician support, clinician recruitment and competitive marketing for both consumers and nurse recruitment;


  • Achieved fully automated/paperless medical records when IT applications are implemented across most outpatient care settings;


  • Started to evaluate data for care delivery process improvements or have already documented significant improvements in this area;


  • Made investments that are within reach of most ambulatories and recognize the strategic value of improving patient care with EMR;


  • Started to create strategic alignments with medical staff to effectively utilize information technology to improve patient safety;


  • And, are well positioned to provide data to key stakeholders, such as payers, the government, physicians, consumers, and employers, to support electronic health record environments and health information exchanges.


“HIMSS Analytics congratulates The MetroHealth System for leading the way toward health IT adoption,” said John Hoyt, FACHE, FHIMSS, Executive Vice President, HIMSS Analytics.  “Stage 6 represents a level of sophistication that only 1.23 percent of U.S. ambulatory sites have reached to date.”



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