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History of MetroHealth

A look back at our legacy in words and pictures

In 1837 our founders centralized health care services for people suffering from the physical and mental distress associated with poverty, smallpox and cholera. Today, MetroHealth remains the resource for the most vulnerable among us, but we have taken on much greater responsibilities and redefined what it means to be a leader in community health. 

Video: MetroHealth's Legacy: 175 Years of Caring for Cleveland
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Leading the Way

The first City Hospital ambulance relied on single horsepower, and transported mostly those suffering from tuberculosis and other contagious diseases. [more...]

Research that Rebuilds Lives

In the 1950s, MetroHealth led the nation in research and treatment of the paralyzing disorder known as polio. [more...]

Caring for the Most Vulnerable

The 6,400 people living in Cleveland in 1837 faced hard times. Poverty and disease were rampant. [more...]

Lifelong Care

The average lifespan in the early 1800s was 45 years. Today, a substantial number of MetroHealth patients are over the age of 90. [more...]

Serving Families

At the turn of the 20th century, mothers struggled to protect their families from deadly diseases such as tuberculosis, smallpox, typhoid, diphtheria, and scarlet fever. [more...]

Investing in the Future

The City Hospital building on Scranton Road was replaced in 1889 and included a number of technological improvements. MetroHealth continues this trend of investment today. [more...]

Leading Medical Education

MetroHealth's commitment to research and discovery finds its roots in the 1850s with a partnership that existed between City Hospital and what is now Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. [more...]

Giving to the Vision

MetroHealth owes much to the generous donors and volunteers that have been integral to its history, and who continue to be exceedingly important to its success. [more...]

Time Line of MetroHealth

Discover more about MetroHealth's roots and its continued dedication to the health care needs of the Greater Cleveland community. [more...]
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