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Salary & Benefits

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Vacation and Leave

  • Vacation: Per vacation policy.
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave: Up to 12 weeks in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act.
  • Sick Leave: Per vacation policy.
  • Professional Leave: Determined by department policy.


Meals are provided at a reduced rate in the hospital cafeteria when purchased using the Cashless Card System.

Medical Benefits

There are several medical plans to select from.  An employee contribution is required for each plan.

Dental and Vision plans are provided at a minimal charge to the employee.

Basic Life Insurance is provided to the employee. Additional coverage is available at minimal cost.

Long Term Disability Insurance is optional and is available for purchase through pay-roll deduction.

Workman’s Compensation provides medical expense coverage for on-the-job injuries.

Retirement Program

MetroHealth participates in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) plan. Employee's OPERS contribution is 10% of the annual salary. The hospital will contribute 14% for each employee. OPERS takes the place of social security deductions. There are three choices available for you to manage your OPERS funds during your employment as well as when employment is terminated.

Malpractice/Liability Insurance

The hospital is self-insured and each resident is covered under the program of self-insurance and indemnity. The program provides occurrence coverage for residents while acting within the scope of their duties and employment. The limit of the self-insurance program is $3 million per occurrence. MetroHealth Medical Center also purchases excess insurance that would respond should a claim exceed $3 million. This is also an occurrence form of coverage.

Safety and Security

All employees are required to wear a MetroHealth Medical Center Identification Badge.

The MetroHealth Police Department is a full-service police department that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Escort service is available during late evening hours.

Secure, lighted parking is available on the medical center campus. The current parking rate is $15.72 per bi-weekly pay.

Financial Resources

Direct Deposit of your paycheck is mandatory. You may use any bank and/or credit union of your choice for either savings, checking or both deposits.

The hospital has two ATM’s on premises.

There is a credit union on campus. You may sign up for membership with The Steel Valley Employee’s Credit Union. A $50.00 minimum deposit is required for membership. Benefits and services include: savings accounts, holiday and vacation clubs, direct deposits, signature loans, bill consolidation loans, new and used auto loans and credit cards.

Resident Amenities

The House Staff Association is made up of the resident and fellows of MetroHealth Medical Center. Activities of the association include social hours, community service projects, hospital projects and many activities throughout the year. Residents are asked to consent to a $5.00 per bi-weekly pay deduction to cover house staff dues.

Lab coats are provided for each resident and are laundered free of charge.

Scrubs are provided for each resident and are laundered free of charge.

On-call rooms are assigned to individual services to guarantee ample on-call sleeping facilities. In most cases these rooms are adjacent to patient areas for the convenience of the resident staff. Please note that we do not provide permanent or temporary housing.

The hospital has a medical library that contains over 25,000 bound volumes and in excess of 486 current subscriptions. In addition to MedLine, MDConsult, UptoDate and other electronic references, an inter-library loan service is available.

All residents are provided a hospital email account. Residents are required to use this email account for residency and hospital related business.

All residents are provided with an alpha pager.

A resident lounge is located on the first floor of the Core/Towers building adjacent to the GME office. The lounge is available 24 hours a day and includes a bank of computers, TV room and quiet study/rest area.

Annual stipends for 2014-2015

PGY I     $50.812.00
PGY II   $52,573.00
PGY III   $54,270.00
PGY IV   $56,455.00
PGY V   $58,683.00
PGY VI   $61,165.00
PGY VII   $63,075.00

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