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Monitoring Your Progress


We want to assist you in becoming well. Special teams of doctors, nurses, and others may be asked to consult about your care. If you have questions about your health care, do not be afraid to ask your doctor or nurse.

Diagnostic Tests

You may require special tests while you are in the hospital or before your surgery. Your doctor and nurse will be happy to discuss the purpose and results of these tests. We will do everything possible to ensure your comfort during the testing process.

Special Needs for Patient Care

Depending on your condition, you will stay in a patient care area best equipped to meet your needs. For example, if you have an irregular heart beat, you may stay in an area with heart monitors. As your health improves, you may be moved to another patient care area.

You play a vital role in your return to health. Your nurse will help you with activities like coughing, deep breathing, and exercises that can speed your recovery.

MetroHealth's Ethics Committee

The Ethics Consultation Service of MetroHealth's Ethics Committee is available to assist patients, family members, friends, and health care professionals regarding health care issues of an ethical nature.

Examples may include:
  •     Understanding patient/family wishes and values
  •     Resolving conflicts regarding difficult treatment decisions or goals of care
  •     Decisions at or about the end of life, such as advance directives
The ethics consultation service is made up of a small team of members from the MetroHealth Ethics Committee, which includes ethicists, physicians, nurses, clergy, social workers, legal counsel, and community members.

Any family member or health care professional may request an ethics consult on behalf of a patient. To request an ethics consult, call 216-778-8497 or 216-778-4355.
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