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Preparing to Leave the Hospital

Discharge Instructions

We realize that leaving the hospital may be frightening, and we want to assist you in meeting your individual needs.

Discharge time is at 11 a.m.
You will be given written discharge instructions before you leave the hospital. Included with your discharge instructions will be the prescriptions you will need to have filled. Your nurse will discuss your medications with you, as well as your specific home care instructions. You may have a follow-up appointment to see your physician when you leave the hospital. Your nurse will discuss the date, location, purpose, and time of this appointment.

As you are preparing to leave the hospital, you may be concerned about your return to the community. We have a discharge planning team on each floor made up of a nurse case manager and a social worker. This team will help anticipate the needs that may arise and will help you select the appropriate nursing and social service agency supports to ensure your continued recovery. If you have any immediate questions, ask your nurse to contact the case managers.

You may be going to your own home, a relative’s home, or another institution. You may require special home care services or outpatient care. We will make every attempt to make these arrangements with you as soon as possible during your hospital stay so that you have a smooth transition as you leave the hospital.

On the day of discharge, you will be escorted to the entrance of the Inpatient Towers. Whoever is picking you up should park in the visitors’ garage until you are actually discharged, and then bring the car to the entrance to meet you. Thirty minutes of free parking in the visitor's garage will be provided.

Home Health Care

If your doctor recommends home health care services, you have the right to choose your home care provider. Prior to choosing a home care agency, you will be advised if your health insurance has a preferred provider and the availability of agencies near your home.

Questions About Your Health

If you have specific questions about a medical condition or follow-up care, call your doctor's office directly during normal business hours. If you are unsure how to reach your doctor, call the MetroHealth Line (216-778-7878) for assistance.

Follow-Up Visits

Your physician may wish to see you after leaving the hospital. Usually an appointment to see your physician will be made for you in the outpatient centers. Services for outpatient visits can be obtained at the following locations:
MetroHealth Medical Center
2500 MetroHealth Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44109 [map]
  The Senior Health & Wellness Center
MetroHealth Old Brooklyn Campus
4229 Pearl Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44109 [map]
MetroHealth Outpatient Surgery Center
4330 West 150th St.
Cleveland, OH 44135 [map]
  MetroHealth Asia Plaza Health Center
2999 Payne Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114 [map]
MetroHealth West Park Medical Group
3838 West 150th St.
Cleveland, OH 44111 [map]
  MetroHealth Lee-Harvard Health Center
4071 Lee Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44128 [map]
MetroHealth Brooklyn Medical Group
5208 Memphis Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44144 [map]
  Thomas F. McCafferty Health Center
4242 Lorain Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44113 [map]
MetroHealth Buckeye Health Center
2816 East 116th St.
Cleveland, OH 44120 [map]
  MetroHealth Broadway Health Center
6835 Broadway Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44105 [map]
MetroHealth Strongsville Medical Group
16000 Pearl Rd.
Strongsville, OH 44136 [map]
  J. Glen Smith Health Center
11100 St. Clair Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44108 [map]

The time, date, and location of your appointment will be included with your discharge information.

Prior to your appointment, if there is a change of address, telephone number, insurance carrier, or other factors that will affect your records, please call our business office at 216-778-5585.

Questions Regarding Billing Statements

We understand that medical bills can be very complex. MetroHealth wants you to know that we are available and eager to make sure your bills are accurate and understandable.

If you have any questions about your hospital or doctor bills, please call 216-957-3250, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., to speak with one of our account specialists.

Please do not call your doctor's office about your bill. All doctor billing is performed in the Patient Financial Services Department, not in the doctor's office.
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