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Body CT Service

Service Chief: Stephen Tamarkin, MD

Computed Tomography (CT) is a vital diagnostic tool for assessing numerous thoracic and abdominal abnormalities. The Body CT Service has been steadily growing in volume for many years.

We provide state-of-the-art imaging through our clinical collaboration with Philips Medical Systems, whose world headquarters for CT manufacturing and development is in Cleveland. MetroHealth currently has six scanners, including a 256 slice scanner and a Big Bore scanner for biopsy procedures.

These multi-detector systems allow for rapid scanning with the acquisition of numerous thin slices during a single breath hold. This has greatly enhanced our ability to perform various advanced applications, such as computed tomographic angiography (CTA), and 2D and 3D reconstructions. We can capture high quality images of the heart and coronary arteries.

We perform a variety of biopsies and drain placements using the CT scanner to guide precise placement of various needles and instruments. Multiple attending staff have subspecialty training and expertise in image-guided procedures. We also perform image-guided radiofrequency ablation of hepatic and renal malignancies .

Body CT is one of our busiest services and typical daily staffing consists of  two attendings and two residents, or sometimes one resident and a fellow. This team protocols and interprets diagnostic studies, provides consultative services, and performs CT-guided procedures. All of the studies are read on a PACS system using a stack mode display of axial image together with various, sagittal, coronal, or 3-D displays.  A didactic lecture series of various Body CT subjects, as well as “hot seat” and teaching file case conferences are provided daily during our noon conference educational program.
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