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2014 Cleveland Magazine Best Doctor Awards

The following MetroHealth physicians were named on the Cleveland Magazine "Best Doctors 2014" list.  Click on the physician's name to view their profile.

Specialty Area

Physician Name

Anesthesiology/Pain Management Kutaiba Tabbaa
Cardiovascular Disease Grace Cater
Cardiovascular Disease Mark E. Dunlap
Cardiovascular Disease Catherine Fallick
Cardiovascular Disease Sanjay Gandhi
Cardiovascular Disease Elizabeth S.Kaufman
Cardiovascular Disease William R. Lewis
Cardiovascular Disease Kathleen P. Quealy
Critical Care Medicine John Como
Critical Care Medicine Michael D. Infeld
Critical Care Medicine Amy Ann McDonald
Critical Care Medicine Ziad Shaman
Critical Care Medicine J. Daryl Thornton
Critical Care Medicine Edward L. Warren
Critical Care Medicine Sherrie D. Williams
Dermatology Pamela H. Davis
Dermatology Christine Jaworsky
Emergency Medicine Craig G. Bates
Emergency Medicine Thomas E. Collins
Emergency Medicine Rita Kay Cydulka
Emergency Medicine Charles L. Emerman
Emergency Medicine Jonathan M. Glauser
Emergency Medicine Robert A. Jones
Emergency Medicine Sara Laskey
Emergency Medicine Thomas W. Lukens
Emergency Medicine Thomas P. Noeller
Emergency Medicine Jeffrey E. Pennington
Emergency Medicine Sandra L. Werner
Endocrinology and Metabolism Thomas A. Murphy
Family Medicine Christine A. Alexander
Family Medicine Michael J. Seidman
Family Medicine Fassil W. Gemechu
Family Medicine James W. Campbell
Gastroenterology Ronnie Fass
Gastroenterology D. Roy Ferguson
Gastroenterology M. Michael Wolfe
Geriatric Medicine James W. Campbell
Geriatric Medicine Michael D. Harrington
Geriatric Medicine/Hospice and Palliative Medicine Michael D. Harrington
Hand Surgery Harry A. Hoyen
Hand Surgery Michael W. Keith
Hand Surgery Kevin Malone
Hepatology D. Roy Ferguson
Hepatology Kevin D. Mullen
Infectious Disease Jennifer A. Hanrahan
Infectious Disease Robert C. Kalayjian
Internal Medicine Nora Lindheim
Internal Medicine Mary Ellen Behmer
Internal Medicine Peter J. Greco
Internal Medicine Louise A. Sieben
Medical Oncology and Hematology Edward D. Crum
Medical Oncology and Hematology Timothy E. O'Brien
Medical Oncology and Hematology Joan E. Trey
Nephrology John R. Sedor
Neurological Surgery James S. Anderson
Neurological Surgery Michael Steinmetz
Neurology Joseph Patrick Hanna
Neurology Marc D. Winkelman
Obstetrics and Gynecology Jennifer L. Bailit
Obstetrics and Gynecology Patrick M. Catalano
Obstetrics and Gynecology Thomas Frank
Obstetrics and Gynecology Brian M. Mercer
Obstetrics and Gynecology Stephen A. Myers
Obstetrics and Gynecology Bradley Stetzer
Obstetrics and Gynecology William J. Todia
Ophthalmology Raymond R. Lancione
Orthopaedic Surgery Kevin Malone
Orthopaedic Surgery Timothy A. Moore
Orthopaedic Surgery Brendan M. Patterson
Orthopaedic Surgery John K. Sontich
Orthopaedic Surgery Heather A. Vallier
Orthopaedic Surgery Roger G. Wilber
Otolaryngology Joseph B. Carter
Pathology Santhi Ganesan
Pathology Stephen C. Somach
Pathology Joseph F. Tomashefski, Jr.
Pathology Jonathan Bass
Pediatric Dermatology Lisa Gelles
Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Problems Irene C. Dietz
Pediatric Infectious Disease Nazha F. Abughali
Pediatric Medical Genetics Carol A. Crowe
Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehab Shu Quey Chen Huang
Pediatric Pulmonology David Birnkrant
Pediatric Rheumatology Nora G. Singer
Pediatric Specialist/Abused Children Mark Feingold
Pediatric Specialist/Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Marc F. Collin
Pediatrics/General David Bar-Shain
Pediatrics/General Irene C. Dietz
Pediatrics/General Abdulla Ghori
Pediatrics/General Susan K. Santos
Pediatrics/General Matthew H. Tien
Pediatrics/General Louise A. Sieben
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation James Begley
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation John Chae
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Gary S. Clark
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Lixin Cui
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Michael Andrew Harris
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Shu Quey Chen Huang
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Daniel Malkamaki
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Melvin S. Mejia
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Gregory A. Nemunaitis
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Lynne R. Sheffler
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Mary M. Vargo
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Richard Wilson
Psychiatry Howard G. Gottesman
Pulmonary Medicine James Finley
Pulmonary Medicine Michael D. Infeld
Pulmonary Medicine Sherrie D. Williams
Pulmonary Medicine Edward D. Sivak
Radiology Stephen Tamarkin
Rheumatology Stanley P. Ballou
Rheumatology Sobia Hassan
Rheumatology Marina N. Magrey
Rheumatology Nora G. Singer
Sleep Medicine Dennis Auckley
Sleep Medicine Joseph Golish, Jr.
Sleep Medicine Vidya Krishnan
Sleep Medicine Ziad Shaman
Surgery Christopher Philip Brandt
Surgery John Como
Surgery Amy Ann McDonald
Surgery Christopher R. McHenry
Surgery Paul P. Priebe
Surgical Oncology Natalie E. Joseph
Thoracic Surgery Inderjit S. Gill
Urology J. Patrick Spirnak
Vascular Surgery J. Jeffrey Alexander

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