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Acting Internship

SPONSOR:     Lynn Dezelon, M.D.

CONTACT:     Kathi Longley, GME Program Assistant, klongley@metrohealth.org for application

    Denise Catalano, Education Coordinator,  Dcatalano@metrohealth.org (216) 778-5088

OFFERED:     MAY / JUN / JUL / AUG / SEPT          Max. 6 students/month

Listed as EMMD 4000B in Case School of Medicine course code

December-May:  This rotation becomes an elective (EMMD 4001B), not an acting internship, during these months. Contact Kathi Longley to schedule.

AVAILABLE TO:     4th year medical students only

 DESCRIPTION:     This acting internship will allow the student to learn the specialty of Emergency Medicine.  Since this is a popular AI for those either planning to match in EM or desiring letters of recommendation,  occasionally a screening process must be implemented for those months when requests exceed number of AI positions.  Factors considered in granting students approval include:  1) planned career in EM; 2) USMLE I scores;  3) AOC in EM,  EMIG or having demonstrated  dedication & genuine interest in the field of EM.

The student will be supervised by an Emergency Medicine faculty member and will work very closely with second- or third-year EM resident at all times. There will be a combination of clinical and educational time. The student will participate in activities of the EM residency.  The student is required to give a brief lecture on a topic of his/her choice on the last day of the elective. A ride-along shift with Cleveland EMS and Metro Life Flight or Cleveland Clinic Critical Care transport is available, but not required. There is ample opportunity for 'hands on' procedures.

NOTE:    The student will work 14-16 shifts per month, 8-10 hours each day. Weekly student-specific lectures are provided. A splinting/casting lab,  simulation center session, slit lamp/eye exam workshop and ultrasound workshops are provided monthly.    

GRADES:  is a compilation of evaluations by 3rd year EM residents, faculty, procedure logs, performance and participation in lectures & workshop. Most AIs also request a Standard Letter of Recommendation (SLOR) for ERAS as well. 

EXTRAS:  Students rotating in July will be able to participate in the EM intern orientation month events that include a ballistics lecture, trip to the Cleveland Shooting range (yes, firing weapons is part of this), tour of Red Center, trip to the Fire Academy and opportunity to don full firefighting gear and enter mock-burning building and an extended two-day ultrasound training .   Textbooks available for loan for rotation;  other educational material available on password-protected web site. 

***If maximum number of students not met by CWRU 60 days before start of rotation, these slots will be offered to non-CWRU students

***This is the course most often chosen by CWRU students who have matched in Emergency Medicine since the class of 1989.  

*** See this site for orientation manuals to AI and elective,  evaluation forms and application packet:   http://www.metrohealth.org/body.cfm?id=704&oTopID=704

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