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Rehabilitation Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To provide exposure to the rehabilitation care for persons with disabling illnesses and injuries including consultation of acute hospital patients, management in the rehabilitation hospital and treatment in an outpatient setting. The student will be exposed to the rehabilitation team setting, including the roles of the physician, physician, occupational and speech therapists. During the clerkship, the student will be familiarized with the anatomy and pathophysiology appropriate to management of persons with disabilities.

OFFERED: All months

STUDENTS: Maximum: 3 visiting medical students for each rotation

REQUIRED: Core clerkship in Internal Medicine

DESCRIPTION: The clerkship will consist of a two (2) week rotation from the following areas: General Rehabilitation (orthopaedic, burn and chronic diseases), Stroke Rehabilitation, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, and Musculoskeletal Diseases (low back pain, sprains, amputation, electromyography, muscular dystrophy). Attendance is required 5 days weekly, with the student responsible for 2-3 inpatients under the supervision of an attending physician.

DUTIES: Initial evaluation and care of rehabilitation inpatients; attending outpatient clinics, team and family meetings; attending didactic lectures with optional topic presentation.

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