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Psychiatry and Retardation

OBJECTIVE: To familiarize the student with the occurrence of psychiatric illness in mentally retarded persons; provide an in-depth clinical experience in the psychiatric diagnosis and treatment of retarded persons; promote didactic knowledge regarding the epidemiology, phenomenology, psychosocial aspects and treatments of such disorders and individuals.

OFFERED: All months

STUDENTS: Maximum: One (1) visiting medical student for each rotation

REQUIRED: Completion of core clerkship in Psychiatry

DESCRIPTION: The student will 1) Participate in the initial evaluation and ongoing treatment of mentally retarded adults with psychiatric and/or behavioral disorders. 2) Participate in a multidisciplinary specialty clinic comprised of dually-diagnosed patients. 3) Evaluate patients residing in a state developmental center for retarded persons. 4) Become knowledgeable with the psychological and pharmacological treatments available for retarded persons. 5) Participate as appropriate in research involving dually-diagnosed patients.

DUTIES: Students will initially observe and later evaluate mentally retarded adults with psychiatric illness and/or behavioral disturbances.

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