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OBJECTIVE:     The student will be able to:  1)  Perform patient assessment ; 2)  Formulate a differential diagnosis; 3) Develop a plan for management and course of therapy;  4) Learn basic procedures ; 5) Participate in the EM Residency lecture series

OFFERED:     November through May;  Note: CWRU course code EMMD 4001B   (students wishing to take the Acting Internship in EM - June through October - should take EMMD 4000B)

STUDENTS:   Maximum: 2 CWRU students & 2 visiting medical students each rotation***

REQUIRED:  4th year student - completion of at least four core clerkships

CONTACT:    Kathi Longley  GME Program Assistant  klongley@metrohealth.org  for application packet

Denise Catalano  Program Coordinator    Dcatalano@metrohealth.org for questions                

DESCRIPTION:     This elective offers the student the opportunity to make critical decisions while participating in the emergency management of patients. The student will work in close association with emergency medicine residents and faculty. The student will learn to evaluate, diagnose and treat emergency medicine patients. The MetroHealth Medical Center Emergency Department (ED) sees more than 91,000 patients per year. We are a Level 1 Trauma Center, regional burn and pediatric/neonatal referral center and have one of the largest helicopter transport program in the country.  Our emergency medicine residency is active, as is our faculty participation in SAEM and ACEP. 

NOTE:     The student will work in the ED an average of 40 hours / week , 8-10 hours each day and attend the Department of Emergency Medicine conferences.   An opportunity to ride along with Cleveland EMS is available, as is paramedic -shadowing shift to gain proficiency in 12-lead EKG acquisition, phlebotomy & IV canulation.

DUTIES:     The student will function as an integral part of the ED health care team. He/she will see patients primarily and be supervised by the emergency medicine senior resident and attending staff. Ample opportunity to perform supervised splinting, laceration repair, abscess drainage,  medical resuscitation, and bedside ultrasound is the norm each month.


***If maximum number of students is not filled by CWRU student 60 days before start of rotation, these spots will be offered to non-CWRU students.


***For orientation manuals for this elective and the Acting Internship as well as application packet, click link:


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