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Ambulatory Service

We perform approximately 40,000 examinations in the Ambulatory Suite each year. This represents a continuing increase in the utilization of the suite by the various services which are located in the Outpatient Plaza, as well as many of the patients who had been formerly examined in the outpatient radiology area. In addition, there has been an increase of utilization by outside referring physicians as well as the satellite offices of The MetroHealth System.

The Ambulatory Service is a central scheduling site for radiological examinations. Any patient being seen in Ambulatory needing any type of appointment for a radiological examination can be scheduled by a Radiology Patient Service Representative.

Specialized Services

The service always pursues ways to improve utilization through specialized radiographic services. In addition, Ambulatory Service continues to establish special procedures that are unique to the needs of the Orthopaedic Department.

The resident is exposed to a wide range of plain film studies on this rotation.  Teaching in the Ambulatory Service is a significant and important role. An attending radiologist as well as one resident per month staffs the service.
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