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Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency

1) Symptoms, course, and classification of addictive disorder.

2) To help the student acquire the skills necessary to treat patients afflicted with psychoactive substance use disorders.

OFFERED: Most months, duration 1-2 months. Must be pre-scheduled

STUDENTS: Maximum: 1 visiting medical student for each rotation

REQUIRED: 4th year standing

DESCRIPTION: The student will learn about chemical dependency treatment by attending MetroHealth educational groups, group therapy, as well as by attending and participating in daily staff meetings where treatment planning is carried out. The student will learn about co-morbid psychiatric and physical disorders in this patient population by performing admission histories, physical examinations and mental status examinations. As the student progresses more patient counseling responsibility will be assumed.

DUTIES: Conduct history & physical and mental status examinations of patients who are entering treatment. Participation as co-therapist in group therapy and educational groups. Individual counseling of patients.

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  • © Copyright 2002 - The MetroHealth System
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  • All Rights Reserved.