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MetroHealth Employee Runs 100 Miles to Raise Funds

David Wank sat in a meeting at MetroHealth, hearing about patients in the Transitional Care Unit who couldn’t afford their diabetes medication, when the idea hit him.

He would help. And he’d use his passion for running to do it.

That’s how the MetroHealth training and quality improvement specialist ended up turning the greatest endurance challenge of his life into a simple challenge for the rest of us.

David, who teaches yoga in his spare time, will try to run 100 miles in 24 hours this April. He’s asking the rest of us to back him with donations of 5 cents to $1 for every mile he completes. (To donate, click here.)

Every penny raised will go to MetroHealth’s Transitional Care Unit, which helps people with lung disease, diabetes, heart failure, cellulitis and other chronic health conditions better manage those diseases and stay out of the hospital.

“Training for something like this takes a lot of time -- it’s almost a selfish endeavor at times,” says David. “This is a way to give back. It’s a great way to motivate me and to help them.”

David, who lives in Kirtland, will use the Outrun 24 Hour Trail Race at Lake MetroParks Chapin Forest Reservation on April 26 and 27 to raise the money. It’s the second time the 38-year-old has attempted a 100-mile run.

In his first try, a couple of years ago, he completed 70 miles or so in a little more than 13 hours before injuring his Achilles tendon. His pace back then was just a little too fast.
So he’ll slow it down this time in the hopes of completing 100 one-mile laps along the park’s wooded trails.

“If I can just keep running for the 24-hour period, I’ll be happy,” David says. “I think that will put me well over 100 miles.”

How will he feel running that far and doing good at the same time?

“Sounds like a perfect day,” David says.
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